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3 Three of the drug leaves Higuera

Three of the drug leaves Higuera

found 3 important attributes of the leaf Higuera Health Care for patients with diabetes, and adults in general.

Fig leaf has proved to be a description of drugs that used since ancient times and treatment natural to gain benefit you now, but knowledge began to realize that have proven their ability drugs that pathology that is a little different.
Property Higuera leaves for Health

or a fig have chemical composition the complex, which highlighted substance was, hormones and lipid (fat) hamper degenerative process cellular as related to cancer and many other benefits that make this extraordinary true leaves allied health.

Natural Treatment for Diabetes
here we offer 3 health benefits the most important thing is, they;

Property fig leaf of any
One of the fig leaf the most prominent and to prove it is an attribute of any because they have the ability to reduce the number of insulin that is required by the people with diabetes, especially those with (which requires insulin injection) insulin-dependent.

The cardiovascular fig leaf
or a fig has been evident in various or to be able to reduce blood (triglycerides, which is responsible for internal to reduce the walls of the arteries and promoter atherosclerosis, the disease that hardens into the walls of the arteries and increases the blood pressure (hypertension ) and can produce episode thrombosis, heart attack with such an outcome and stroke.
Recent research has shown a fig leaf atonia power growth several types of cancer cells. But leaves drug is rich potassium and fiber foods, the last reduce levels of total cholesterol, which are translated into the direct benefits for heart health.

Property protector leaves macular
degeneration makula fig makula (AMD) is pathology characteristic parents as a result of the process of aging experience in which they lose sight boosted by this disease, or a fig but the and fruits can reduce the risk development by almost 36 percent.

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