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7 Ways to releases removing Blackheads

7 Ways to releases removing Blackheads

The black spots on the skin -- harmless apparatus but very annoying, but the good news is that releases mengeluarkan and prevent them is not difficult. Blackheads can't cause pimples if and infected, and open the pores, and of course this does not look good and for these specific must be removed.

According to dermatologists -- acne blackheads -- basically a headless clay called open comedo. Among the most effective techniques to prevent and treat --:

1 - Extract blackheads
To releases mengeluarkan blackheads need to be careful because there is no need to irritate the skin and echoed tissue or cause an infection resulting in a pimple. You can't read how to extract blackheads and how to extract blackheads

Prevents blackheads

2 - Avoid products that clog pores
These products -- those that have other ingredients to that clog pores. Use products that say non-comedogenic. Among these other ingredients to -- Obstructing: mineral oil, lanolin, petrolatum, petroleum jelly or petrolatum, discharges, cocoa butter, refined coconut oil, wheatgerm oil and others.

If the ingredient is at the end of this list indicates that the quantity is low and may not cause problems, but if the top of the ingredient list indicates that it is present in a high amount.

3 - Maintenance
This is the key to arising from the skins free of or. It is are important to clean the skins every night. Blackheads usually come in normal and oily skin but can't occur in all skin types. The cleaner you use must be for the type of skin you have.

For oily or combination skin can't use more info on vacuum cleaners washing machines which have granules and do a light exfoliation. Under normal or mature skin can't be used does not cover having a cleaning glycolic acid or similar ingredient. Cleansing for The skin with acne that has: salicylic acid -- also very effective. Read facial homemade


4 - Exfoliate often
Exfoliation helps both prevent and eliminate blackheads. To use an shaving foam protecting product for your skin type. If you have oily or combination skin you can't exfoliate twice a week if you have normal or dry once a week and if you sensitive every 12 days. All types of skin needs exfoliation.

If you want a homemade shaving foam protecting scrub you can't mixed a little baking soda (baking soda) with cleaner and wipe your skin as usual.

One type of exfoliation is microdermabrasion effective and can't do at home with or without machine or a Spa.


5 - Purifying Mask
The masks that releases mengeluarkan or help prevent and releases mengeluarkan blackheads. The most effective with mud or clay masks and scrubs.

6 - Care to prevent blackheads

Your the sysctl changes frequently over-probable origin
Do not let the shampoo and other hair products will fall on his face
Care to touch your face because everything they collect the headline touch

7 - Facials
Whether homemade or professional cleanings keep these clean skin.

Another option is high-tech laser blue light.

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