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Removing and remove blackheads

Removing and releases removing blackheads
releases removing blackheads
Those pesky blackheads can't be removed or extracted at home if care not to echoed the skin and cause infection -- made. But remember that it is preferable to prevent read u.s. releases mengeluarkan blackheads.

When you want to releases mengeluarkan blackheads is to follow these steps:

Need to releases mengeluarkan blackheads

Your regular cleaning
Your tonic or astringent. If you can't use which keep armpit hazel, pure lemon juice or diluted in a little water or cold water to close the pores. Dermatologists use alcohol to clean the skins before trying them out but dry skin.
Kereta Meriam or gauze
Steam or clean towel
Optional: a purifying mask
Optional: blackhead extractor (as the photo)

releases mengeluarkan blackheads

Steps to releases mengeluarkan blackheads
1 - Clean
Thoroughly clean your hands and blackhead extractor if you are using it.

2 - Clean the skins
Cleanse your skin to avoid putting bacteria into the pores.

3 - Open
take the pores Financeroll.com -- options for open pores:
You can open the pores with steam or a clean washcloth dipped in warm water (not hot) placed over the face. It is are important to open the pores to avoid echoed to the skin and to make it easier to releases mengeluarkan all the black point without residues that can't become and infected.

The other option is if you bathe with hot water can't releases mengeluarkan after the bath presiding over the pores -- already open. Read skins steam

4 - cleaning to releases mengeluarkan
You can't clean with: a little alcohol which you only extract (not super necessary), with astringent or lemon water

releases mengeluarkan blackheads.
5 - Extract
Once this open pure skin no spot gel carefully removed using fingertips or blackhead extractor, never use nails. If you is easier to put kereta meriam or gauze on the fingertips.

The blackheads should come out easily. If the black point is not very hard and can't put more steam comes out and if it still does not miss is preferable not to try to releases mengeluarkan it because it causes echoed to the skin.

If you notice that your skin is irritated much not continue taking the blackheads. Evita removed if your skin is already irritated for another reason.

6 - Close and purify
Presiding over finished releases mengeluarkan all blackheads apply an astringent or tonic to cleanse and close pores. If you can't use astringent lemon water or just cold water (not cold).

Another alternative is to add a purifying mask like camphor or mud or shaving foam protecting acids such as those. When removing the mask put astringent to close the pores.

If the skin is very red uses a product to soothe the skin or a chamomile scent gives soothing scent mask. Read how to extract whiteheads and blackheads
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