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Natural treatment Raspberry

Natural treatment Raspberry

Home remedies made with plant raspberry for conjunctivitis, menorrhagia, throat and diuretics

The Raspberry is medicinal plants from which we have a raspberry and various treatment for a natural treat problems in the mouth, And his eyes, fluid retention and reduce menstrual periods that is very hard.
Care and treatment plants Raspberry house with

The bush administration is raspberry bushes in the family Rosaceae family and is mainly which is the fruit is easily damaged, is very valuable in baking. But raspberry is also a medicinal plants that both leaves, flowers, and fruit fresh fruits to prepare for the treatment vary their prey.

Natural Treatment irritation mouth and throat with raspberry
In the case gingivitis, stomatitis and throat problems can do flushing or to rinse, which is in line with ingredients that are made with 20 grams leaves raspberry per cup water.
You can also do flushing and gargles with fresh fruit juice, and cold destroyed several raspberry and filter balance. Raspberry is rich in vitamin C, so that in this balance can be taken in order to improve defense body.
Can be repeated flushing to rinse as frequent as needed, but it is worth noting that there is no leaves the characteristics raspberry antibiotics and if problems continue professionals have to be consulted.

The drugs with raspberry
Deny with raspberry leaf made at a level one teaspoon per cup water deserts. This will take three to four cups a day this preparation. Must take balance possible and to instil every time you eat, if possible, to take advantage of the diuretics them.

The treatment conjunctivitis is spreading with raspberry
Faced with eye irritation as causes non-pathogens, such as smoke or a strong wind, can be washed with liquid eyes resultarte to invest in a cup of water dashed any raspberry interest rate. Of course, balance must be in room temperature, and can also be applied to screen sterile in the nearby area lakrimal and around the eyes to reduce inflammation if necessary.

Natural Treatment for menorrhagia with raspberry
When suffered bleeding is very hard during menstruation and causes have been pushed aside as hormone imbalance or tumors, usually helps consume only once a day, from 5-7 days before the start bleeding, infusion is made with one teaspoon dried flowers, food closing raspberry.
Treat him first or second holidays menstruation, and return to no longer lost a few days to new bleeding.


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