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Laxative for constipation food

Laxative for constipation food

Constipation Once in a while it is not a serious and can be resolved by some purges that can happen naturally. But when constipation may have become chronic intestinal need to train with proper nutrition.
Laxative natural solution as food for constipation

To cure constipation, and if repeated or chronic liver disease, it needs to put food with soluble fiber food grain:, vegetable, fruit, vegetables, etc. Fiber late help to maintain water in the intestines, increasing the volume feces and improve bowel movement.

But there are many food with the purges that help in the period in which intestines immediately adapt with new habit.

Among the most effective food purges include plum, both crude and dry. Various, Claudia, and plum small green far more effective as purges that other species.

Other food that act as natural purges also fruits: figs, orange, cherries, melons and apple is an example. In the case block must meet the requirements, must be eaten raw, roast or as juice, grate but never get rusty, it will have stock exchange instead.

An example more food purges had groups vegetables and vegetables, emphasized eggplant, asparagus and spinach.

In the current and spices, usually those who cause diarrhea spicy are not used to the people, but it can also be disturbing in many cases, so that they could not advisable.

Finally it is worth noting that when you suffer from constipation is too important not to follow diet low in vegetable oil. You can even take one spoon of olive oil on it in the oil to help evacuation.

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