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Health benefits Raspberry

Health benefits Raspberry

Raspberry, besides delicious, it is very useful for the health in different ways.

Raspberry delicious is always with work, a fruit that this beautiful but the eyes and the ceiling is very rich in the healthy, ranging from cancer prevention control natural body weight.
Raspberry nutrient value, and his attributes

Natural drug treatment for Diabetes
Drink a cup raspberry fresh, a report on nutrition such as; protein, fiber dissolves, carbohydrate, vitamins A, C and B9 (folic acid) and many other minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. , and collectively make it rich will natural antioxidant, which is now seen as the key to health.

Its rich potassium increase liver function is good, to maintain blood pressure in check, who turned it into a natural hypertension prevention has a very good or the so-called "murderer live" in addition to induct renal function with, increase and act to possible infections at this level.

Two carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, plus give color pigments to plant, has a property protect natural for the health because they protect against, degeneration makula so common in old age, a very serious diseases that can be to induct lost sight.

Everything in It gives a benefit for pregnant women folic acid, vitamin B9 was also known as, to be able to prevent disabled born during its establishment, immediately called spina bifida.

The antioxidants

is very rich Raspberry Raspberry antioxidants and as mentioned before they are regarded as the key to a good health, and environmental conditions and stress lead to modern life premature aging and the situation is not just outside, but also causing internal, causing the various diseases, including character autoimmune therapies.

Antioxidants acted mainly against DNA molecules destroyer at a level cells, which is known as free radicals, which is due among other cancer development.

Antioxidants that most powerful contains raspberry is vitamin C or ascorbic acid, carotenoids, ellagic acid and quercetin, all the anti-cancer has been proven.


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